Our Lodge History

Maroochydore Lodge was first consecrated in 1947 and since then has had a rich history entwined with the local community.

In fact it was on Friday 18th July 1947, that 257 Members and visiting Brethren gathered in the Star Theatre as the Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Eustace Jones, attended by his Grand Lodge Officers, carried out the timeless ceremony of the Consecration of Maroochydore Lodge.

19th August 1947 saw the first meeting of the Lodge in the ‘Diggers Hall’, with 3 Applications for Initiation being proposed, with the first working of a degree being a double Initiation on 18th November 1947.

‘Diggers Hall’ was a small timber framed building on 3ft wooden stumps, with the external walls made of a single thickness of fibro. There was no ante-room, but after a donation of Ten Guineas and a two year lease, the RSL Committee agreed to construct an additional room at the rear of the Hall.

The Lodge acquired a block of land in Kingsford Smith Parade, but by the time enough funds had been raised to build a Lodge, the block was no longer suitable.

RW Bro Walter Ruegger offered, free of cost, a block of land on Main St. A new Temple was built on this and it was Dedicated on 27th September, 1959.

In time the need for parking became apparent, and in 1975 the land at the rear of the Lodge was acquired. Because Main Rd, at that time, was the main road into Maroochydore, the Lodge building was moved to the back of the enlarged block, thus reducing road noise and great increasing the available parking.

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