Presentation of Freemason II to Sailability Sunshine Coast

Brethren Freemason II will be presented to Sailability by the Grand Master, MW Bro Alan Townson, at 9 AM on Friday 22nd February. All Brethren, and partners, are invited to attend. Please arrive by 8:45, with the Presentation being held at 9, then Freemason II will be launched and sailed for the first time. You are all invited to then stay on for morning tea and to observe the operations of Sailability, as there will be clients coming for a sail from 9 onwards. Sailability is situated at the rear of the marina on Parkyn Parade Mooloolaba. Turn into the parking area for Pier 33. To get to Sailability, after parking, walk to the western edge of the car park, then follow the road which will be on your left, curving between the toilet block and the storage yard and office block.

19th February Meeting

Brethren Our next Meeting is Tuesday 19th February and the Work will be the First Tracing Board for our new Entered Apprentices. There will be a Practice on Tuesday 5th and a Management Meeting and Practice on Tuesday 12th. Please note that RW Bro Pyke PAGM, with a GL Team, will be in attendance to present a 60 Year Jewel to Wor Bro R Medlicott and 40 Year Jewels to Wor Bro D McGill and Wor Bro S Mitchell. As the Festive Board is being catered, please advise me by Wed 13th if you will be attending. The cost is $10 for all attending Brethren. We also now holding the Sunshine Coast Travelling Gavel.

January Meeting

On Tuesday the Lodge saw 21 Members and 14 Visitors watch Bro David Eickenloff be Initiated, with Bro Lachlan Digby watching. Bro Digby was Initiated at our November Meeting. There were also 3 prospective Candidates at the Festive Board. A great night was enjoyed by all, both in the Lodge at the Festive Board. The boat being donated to Sailability Sunshine Coast is now at the sign writers, and is looking very good.

18th December 2018 Meeting

Brethren   Our December meeting will be on Tuesday 18th December, Tyling at 7:00PM. We will be Opening and Closing in the 1sT Degree, the joining our Partners for our Christmas Festive Board.   There will be a Management Meeting and Practice on Tuesday 4th December.   The Wor Master Invites the Brethren to accompany him on a Fraternal Visit to Montville Lodge on Tuesday 11th December. Meet at the Lodge for car pooling.

20th November 2018 Meeting

Brethren   Our November Meeting will be on Tuesday 20th November, Tyling at 7PM.   Work: First Degree for Mr Lachlan Digby.   There will be a Presentation of a 50 Year Jewel to Wor Bro Brian Jackson of Windsor Lodge 290 by VW Bro John Whitehorn.   There will be a Practice meeting on Thursday 8th November and a Management and Practice Meeting on Tuesday 13th November, at 7:00PM.