August 2019 Meeting

Brethren The Work for our August meeting on Tuesday 20th August, Tyling at 7:00 PM, will be a 2nd Degree for Bro David Eickenloff. There will be a Practice Meeting on Tuesday 6th August and a Management and Practice Meeting in Tuesday 13th August. All Officers of the Lodge are expected to attend all three nights, as well as those doing Charges.

21st May 2019 Meeting

Brethren Our May Meeting on Tuesday 21st May, Tyling at 7 PM, will see the Initiation of Mr Jordan Griffey. There will be a Practice on Tuesday 7th and a Management and Practice on Tuesday 14th. Please remember that May is the first month for WINTER Dress! Also, on Thursday 16th May, Bro Digby will be Passed to the 2nd Degree at Kenilworth Lodge, Tyling at 7:30. Car pooling from the Lodge at 6:15.

Next Meeting Tuesday 16th April

Brethren, at our next Meeting is on Tuesday 16th April, Tyling at 7:00PM. The Work will be a Ballot for Mr Jordan Griffey. We will then adjourn to the South, where some members will give short presentations about themselves, so that we all become better known to each other. There will be a Management Meeting and Practice on Tuesday 9th April.

Presentation of Freemason II to Sailability Sunshine Coast

Even though it slightly windy this morning, {actually it was blowing a gale and blew the boat over when the sails were up}, Freemason II was presented to Sailability Sunshine Coast by the Grand Master, MW Bro Alan Townson, with their Patron, Fiona Simpson MP and President Ralph Knight, assisting. This was followed by a pleasant morning tea, with all groups enjoying getting to know each other, including some of the special sailors, who were also in attendance. Thanks must go to HHP for the assistance in funding the purchase of the boat.

19th February 2019 Meeting

Great meeting on Tuesday night, 19th February, with 19 Members, 21 Visitors and a GL Team of 10, including RW Bro Chris Pyke PAGM GDED and VW Bro Ian Kerr GDC. Our two Entered Apprentices, and one from Landsborough Lodge, were given a great First Tracing Board by RW Bro Grant. RW Bro Chris Pyke PAGM GDED, then presented a 60 Year Jewel to Wor Bro Bob Stan Medlicott and 40 Year Jewels to Wor Bro’s Mitchell and Doug McGill. The Festive Board was catered for by The Good Food Fellas, Raymond Vonder, and was very well received.

Presentation of Freemason II to Sailability Sunshine Coast

Brethren Freemason II will be presented to Sailability by the Grand Master, MW Bro Alan Townson, at 9 AM on Friday 22nd February. All Brethren, and partners, are invited to attend. Please arrive by 8:45, with the Presentation being held at 9, then Freemason II will be launched and sailed for the first time. You are all invited to then stay on for morning tea and to observe the operations of Sailability, as there will be clients coming for a sail from 9 onwards. Sailability is situated at the rear of the marina on Parkyn Parade Mooloolaba. Turn into the parking area for Pier 33. To get to Sailability, after parking, walk to the western edge of the car park, then follow the road which will be on your left, curving between the toilet block and the storage yard and office block.